Hidden in Plain Sight: The Book!

Please forgive a shameless self promotion …

Hidden History of Litchfield County, my book based on this blog, will be published by the History Press on November 4th.

You can learn more about it here.

Books are available for pre-order through The History Press or Amazon.

I will be doing book talks at the following locations:

Salisbury Association, November 15th, 4pm

Cornwall Library, November 22nd, 4pm

Litchfield Historical Society, December 7th, 1pm

None of this would have been possible without the readers who have supported this blog.  Thank you all very much!


2 thoughts on “Hidden in Plain Sight: The Book!

    • Thanks! There is a massive 1881 history of the county that is really a compilation of individual town histories. My book is a thematic look at the county’s past through an examination of its cultural landscape – the stonewalls, foundations, monuments, etc. – that remain to tell the story.

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